East Ham 18-year olds fundraising sees more than £1k donated towards well building

Jabraan Akhtar and Farhad Choudhury are raising money to build a well in Somalia. Picture: Farhad Ch

Jabraan Akhtar and Farhad Choudhury are raising money to build a well in Somalia. Picture: Farhad Choudhury - Credit: Farhad Choudhury

Two university students are doing their bit to help people in poverty by raising money to build wells in Malawi.

Within days of Jabraan Akhtar and Farhad Choudhury, who are both from East Ham, launching a Go Fund Me page they saw donations totalling £1,200 roll in.

Friends Jabraan and Farhad, both 18, want to raise £2,400 so the Ummah Welfare Trust can build deep wells in the African country.

Farhad, who is studying maths at Queen Mary University of London, said: "We thought building wells would bring so much joy to people's lives.

"We just want to do our bit."

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The budding fundraiser added that he and University of Roehampton sports science student, Jabraan, were inspired to do something for a good cause after reflecting on their own lives compared to people who have little or nothing.

"Even though Newham is not an affluent area and there's relative poverty here, we're still privileged because we have a free education. We don't have to walk miles to get clean water. Everyone in the world should expect that," Farhad said.

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This is the first time the pair, who met about eight years ago while they were at Langdon Academy in Sussex Road, have fundraised together.

And they were astonished at how much they raised within days of the campaign going online.

"It's been amazing the amount of support we've got. To anyone who has donated, I would say thank you and please keep sharing our fundraising page.

"Sharing our page means a lot to us because it's spreading awareness of this issue," Farhad said.

The money donated will go into the youngsters' personal account before its used to buy the well with plans to post the proof of purchase on their Go Fund Me page.

Farhad said: "It might sound mental for two 18-year olds to set up a Go Fund Me page. We want to lead by example and inspire other young people to do this too."

To donate visit the youngsters' gofundme.com page

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