IWitness24 picture: A lonely looking Olympic Park

Now isn’t this is a sad sight?

Days after Stratford’s Olympic Park closed at the end of the Paralympic Games, it seems as if the weather reflected the mood of the nation.

Dark, menacing clouds hovered over the Athletes’ Village - a far cry from the sunny, cheerful images which emerged day after day during the Games.

This spooky shot was captured by IWitness24 snapper John Gudgin.

The park will re-open next summer as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park after extensive renovation.

After its reopening, it will host several events, including Ride London in 2013, the European Hockey Championships in 2015 and the World Athletics Championships two years later.

The Athletes’ Village will also be transformed into the East Village housing complex.

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So let us hope this is not a prediction of a cloudy future.