International chef cooks up treat for Richard House families

Mambana Kone and son Steven meet chef Moshe Basson

Mambana Kone and son Steven meet chef Moshe Basson - Credit: Tom Morton

A taste of international cuisine came to Beckton as Israeli chef Moshe Basson paid a visit to Richard House Children’s Hospice.

He cooked up a treat for youngsters and their parents, who could join in with making juice.

Mr Basson, who is the executive chef and owner of Jerusalem’s Eucalyptus Restaurant, said: “I loved cooking for these beautiful children and their parents.

“It is important to cherish the parents as well as the children.”

The families were treated to a healthy meal of a saucer of onions, peppers and tomatoes with eggs on top, and were given tips on how to cook healthy meals.

Mr Basson added: “We all have talent, but we are just afraid to use it.”

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