Innovative dance show about sunrise comes to East London

Bridging the Void fuses movement, film and live music. Photo by Josh Tomalin

Bridging the Void fuses movement, film and live music. Photo by Josh Tomalin - Credit: Josh Tomalin

A dance company is asking audiences to become participants and not observers in a multimedia production at Rich Mix arts centre.

Bridging the Void, by Experiential Dance combines movement, music and film footage to present an immersive experience of sunrise.

Three dancers will perform a “dramatic movement vocabulary” at the show on April 3, which takes place against film footage of a London skyrise, shot by filmmaker Jonathan Binks and performed to an original score by James Welland.

“It’s really beautiful,” says Experimental’s artistic director and resident filmmaker Rachel Johnson, who devised and choreographed the show.

“It starts in complete darkness so the audience has to immerse themselves into this darkness.”

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At the start, dancers slink and bump past audience members, uttering mournful gasps and creating a nerve-tingling atmosphere.

“One of the audiences at a previous show asked if a dancer was ok, she was so concerned,” says Rachel.

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“As the light builds, so the music becomes calmer and more flowing,” she says, an intention to convey the hopefulness that comes with the transition of night to the break of dawn.

Rachel’s inspiration for Bridging the Void comes from an experience she had in the Arizona desert as she was going through an uncertain time of her life.

“I just saw a sunrise and it felt calming,” she says. “Wherever you are at, the sun will always rise. I think that it is something that everyone can relate to.

“You can bring your own story and your own personal experience to the work.”

Also showing on the double bill on the night is Samba and Tears, a dance production which explores our consumption of media-packaged current affairs.

Bridging the Void / Samba and Tears takes place at Rich Mix on April 3. Suitable for audiences aged 18 plus. Tickets £10, £8 concs for both performances. To book, visit

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