Influential bisexual activist from Stratford helps LGBT people ‘of colour’

Jacq Applebee

Jacq Applebee - Credit: Archant

Writer, poet and activist Jacq Applebee is always looking to help and support.

When she’s not busy being the BME people’s representative for London LGBT Pride Advisory board, the 46-year-old is organising and helping members of her own group Bisexuals of Colour.

Jacq, from Stratford, said she wants the group to help others with the struggles they face of being bisexual.

“A friend of mine and I founded this group to deal with the struggles that we faced or face,” she said.

The writer co-founded a website with her friend for the group Bisexuals of Colour in 2010, which eventually led to monthly meet-ups at Stratford Circus this year, but the group is still unfunded like all bisexual organisations.

“We rely on volunteers and donations to survive. I mean we are the only part of the LGBT community that regularly is erased and ignored.”

Jacq’s dedication to the cause saw her voted into the Independent newspaper Rainbow List, which is the top 101 influential LGBTI (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans & Intersex) people in the UK, where she was placed in 58 for her voluntary work.

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