Huge disparities in wages between men and women in Newham

earned �99 less per week than men in 2005. Picture: PA images

earned �99 less per week than men in 2005. Picture: PA images - Credit: PA WIRE

Women are paid much less than men in the Newham workplace, according to the latest labour market statistics.

Women earned £99 less per week than men in their weekly gross pay packets in 2015, earning an average £460 compared to men who pocketed £559.

The data, released by the Office of National Statistics, also revealed differences in average hourly earnings between the two genders.

Men were paid an average of £13.53, excluding overtime, in comparison to women who earned £12.16.

Both earned less than the rest of London workers with the average full-time man earning £16.77, and the average women earning £15.39.

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Other statistics released also showed a drop of 125 people claiming jobseekers allowance (JSA) and Universal Credit in January – a 23 per cent decrease from the same month in 2015.

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