Newham third worst in England for fuel poverty, figures show

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Newham has the third worst rate of fuel poverty in England, according to government figures. - Credit: Ken Mears

The borough has the third highest rate of fuel poverty in England, figures show.

Just over a fifth of households in Newham can't afford to heat their homes, according to government data published on Thursday, April 29.

It shows out of a total 108,572 households, 23,569 (21.7 per cent) are in fuel poverty.

This compares to neighbouring Barking and Dagenham which has the worst rate in England. Of 74,494 households, 16,738 are in fuel poverty (22.5pc).

NEA Annual Cenference and Exhibition 2018, at Nottingham Conference Centre.

Adam Scorer said warm homes should be 'a basic right for all'. - Credit: David Dawson

Adam Scorer, who is chief Executive of the charity National Energy Action, said Covid-19 made matters worse with people required to stay home, using more energy and owing more for it.

"Warm homes should be a basic right for all," he added.

Fuel poverty is caused by a mix of low incomes, high energy costs and poor standards of energy efficiency.

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A household is in fuel poverty if it is living in a property with low energy efficiency rating and its disposable income after housing costs and energy needs would be below the poverty line.