Future of Carpenters Estate tower block is a step closer

Carpenters estate in Stratford

The Carpenters Estate in Stratford. - Credit: Steve Poston

A tower block could be spruced up as part of an estate's regeneration.

A total of 132 homes at James Riley Point in Jupp Road West on the Carpenters Estate, Stratford, would be refurbished if council cabinet chiefs approve a plan due to go before them this month.

The team behind the estate's regeneration is drawing up a planning application which could see the work start this year and be completed in 2023.

The town hall's housing company, Populo Living, is weighing up refurbishment or demolition of neighbouring blocks, Lund Point and Dennison Point.

Deborah Heenan, Populo's chief executive, said all the neighbours agreed to the plan in a council meeting on Wednesday, February 24.

"The appetite is please make this happen, we're desperate, it's been a long time," she added.

The three blocks are almost empty. James Riley Point sits near the heart of the estate which is to be regenerated in the next 10 to 15 years.

The first phase of regeneration, subject to approval by council cabinet chiefs, should see about 2,550 homes provided.