Mother and daughter, 3, left without boiler as temperatures hit freezing

A Beckton mother and daughter were left without a boiler in mid-January by Local Space housing association

A Beckton mother and daughter were left without a boiler in mid-January by Local Space housing association - Credit: PA

A Beckton mother left without hot water and heating for 10 days has been advised to boil water in the kettle as a temporary fix.

Nicole Lancaster - mum to three-year-old Layla - was advised by her housing association to "boil water in the kettle to use as hot water" after they turned off her heating last week.

The 34-year-old and her daughter live in Mitchell Walk, in council housing managed by Local Space.

Nicole is due to have a new combi boiler installed tomorrow - January 21 - after living without hot water or heating since January 11.

Local Space said the single mother's boiler was turned off after an inspection found it needed replacing due to a "significant water leak".

Nicole told the Recorder: "My daughter and I shouldn't be going through this, it's outrageous.

"My little one has got the flu, probably due to the cold - I'm sure it's from the lack of heating.

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"I think it's disgusting, the council is meant to be looking after us but we've been left to freeze.

"They told us to use portable heaters, but they're costing me a fortune and I don't have financial support from anyone."

The former estate agent said they have been forced to walk 40 minutes to and from her grandmother's house to have a hot shower.

"We're being sent from Local Space to the council and back again, it's completely unclear who is responsible for what," she added.

"It's so confusing."

A spokesperson for Local Space apologised for the "issues" Nicole has been experiencing.

They said: "We fully appreciate the inconvenience caused to Ms Lancaster by this faulty boiler, especially as it provides both heating and hot water.

"Our heating engineers did offer to provide Ms Lancaster with electric heaters for the flat, which was not taken up, and gave advice to boil water in the kettle to use as hot water during the short time was boiler was out of action.

"We understand that this has additional costs for Ms Lancaster and as a gesture of goodwill have offered to top up her pay and go electricity to offset the use of the kettle for hot water until Friday.”

Housing association Local Space works with eight London local authorities - including Newham Council.