Residents have threatened to move out of their homes if a “gigantic glowing orb” is built right outside their bedroom windows.

The Madison Square Garden (MSG) Company, known for its world-famous venue of the same name in New York City, wants to build a huge 21,500-capacity “state-of-the-art” music and entertainment venue in the middle of Stratford.

But residents living nearby fear they will be kept up by lights from the sphere at night.

Though there is a possibility of developers giving out blackout blinds, residents told the Local Democracy Reporting Service that it wasn’t a good enough offer.

Sam Ellis, who has been renting with his partner for the last four years, said he would move away if plans were given the green light by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

He told the LDRS: “[Blackout blinds] are not sufficient. It’s noise, it’s going to be a club, it’s a [21,500] capacity with the best sound. That’s really not going to cut it and I don’t want a giant advertising globe right in front of my flat.

“We rent this space so if it were to happen we would move, because our balcony completely overlooks that space.”

The MSG Sphere was granted approval by the London Legacy Development Committee [LLDC] in March 2022,  despite strong opposition from some residents and leading Newham Labour politicians. LLDC planning officers said at the time that, while the plans had been highly controversial, it would be a great tourist attraction.

Now Newham’s only Green Party councillors, Cllr Nate Higgins and Cllr Danny Keeling of Stratford Olympic Park ward, are calling on the Mayor of London to quash the development, as he has the power to do so.

Cllr Higgins said: “Residents in our ward will be most heavily affected by the development, and it’s our responsibility to explore every avenue to stop the Sphere.

“Not a single resident I have spoken to supports the Sphere. There was outrage at the possibility of blackout blinds being necessary to stop light pollution from the advertising screens on the outside of the Sphere.”

Cllr Higgins also expressed concerns of overcrowding at Stratford station, which overtook London Waterloo as the busiest railway station in the whole of Britain during 2020/21.

Crossrail and Network Rail previously raised concerns and said the bright lights from the Sphere could potentially blind passing train drivers.

New Garden Quarter resident, Sam, added: “I think it’s drawing more people into the area which is already overcrowded when you consider the stadium.”

David Walker, a Stratford resident since 2020 and neighbour of Sam, agreed and said: “I think it’s a pretty bad idea. We went to Las Vegas a couple of years a go, it’s the worst place I’ve ever been to.

“ There’s bigger problems in London than a big ball, but it doesn’t help. It will only bring more advertising and more light pollution.”

The prospect of moving out of his flat has also been considered by Charlie Woodham, another resident living in the same block as Sam and David. Charlie has only lived in his flat for a few months, but said: “If [Sam] had a problem with it and said, ‘we’re going to leave in protest’ – I would go with him.”

A spokesperson from the Mayor of London’s office said they could not comment on the development because an application is live.

The LLDC told the LDRS: “The committee resolved to grant advertisement consent for the illuminated display on the Sphere’s façade, subject to agreement on further additions to the proposed s106 legal agreement related to this display.

“These additions are still being negotiated with MSG and are currently intended to be reported to PDC in early 2023.

“The application will be referred to the Mayor of London should approval be granted for the additions to the s.106 legal agreement. The planning permission will only be issued following consideration by the Mayor of London and when a s106 agreement has been signed.”

A spokesperson from MSG Entertainment said: “The views of the local community are incredibly important to us, and throughout this process we’ve been listening to and acting on feedback.

"We have worked closely with a wide range of stakeholders, which is reflected in our detailed proposal, and look forward to delivering the benefits of MSG Sphere to east London.”