Hour gained, Newham residents urged to give blood

NHS bosses are urging Newham residents to save a life by giving blood when they gain an extra hour as the clocks go back.

Staff at NHS Blood and Transplant are reminding people that it only takes an hour to give blood. With blood in constant demand, new and existing donors are being urged to donate in Newham so that sufficient blood is available for patients.

There are many ways that donated blood can save the lives of the sick and injured. Donated blood is used not only in accident and emergency situations but also for patients undergoing surgery and receiving treatment for cancer and blood diseases, such as leukaemia.

Blood stocks have also taken a dip this autumn and we are urging all the donors that can, to make an appointment to give blood. In this poor weather it is essential to keep blood stocks at a healthy level and with your help we can ensure that blood is available for the patients that need it.

Giving blood can dramatically improve or save the lives of those in need of blood transfusions, in fact a single donation can be broken into three component parts (red cells, plasma and platelets) which means that one donation can potentially save or improve the lives of up to three people.

Derek Carr, Lead Donor Relations Manager for NHSBT, said: “As the weather gets colder, people are more likely to stay indoors.

“We would like to remind people that they only need to spend an hour of their time with us in order to help save lives.

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“With the increase in the cold and flu this season, it is vital that those that are able to donate do so, to keep stock levels healthy.”

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