Heroic neighbour saves mother of two from fire in Manor Park


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A heroic neighbour rescued a mother of two yesterday from a fire that broke out in her bedroom.

A crew from Ilford fire station was called to the house blaze in Seventh Avenue, Manor Park, at around 8pm to reports of a fire in the upstairs front bedroom.

On arrival, they found that the children had left the house but a fellow neighbour bravely entered to save the mother who had been overcome with smoke fumes.

Mark Mills, Ilford fire station watch manager, said: “It was a serious enough fire. They didn’t have smoke alarms and she was feeling the effects of smoke inhalation.

“The kids came out the house. A neighbour was coming out his front door and he saw they were distressed.

“He went across the road and they told him there was a fire. So he went into the property.

“She was in the front bedroom where the fire occurred. There was quite a lot of smoke. He picked her up [off the floor] and carried her out.”

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Firefighters gave the mother first aid and she was taken to hospital by ambulance.

The terraced house was partially damaged by the heat and smoke while the upstairs bedroom suffered 35 per cent fire damage and the glass in the windows gave out.

If you are the mystery neighbour or you know who they are, contact with the Recorder by calling 020 8478 4444 or email newsdesk@newhamrecorder.co.uk.

The London Fire Brigade carry out regular fire safety checks and fit smoke alarms for free.

Visit www.london-fire.gov.uk to find out more.