Hero boy from Manor Park enjoys life of Riley with fire brigade

A five-year-old boy who spotted a blaze in Manor Park met the firefighters who put it out and now wants to be “a fire engine”.

Riley Barry, from Worcester Road, was walking back from the shops with his mother, Mandy Taylor, when he noticed dense smoke rising from a block of flats in Sixth Avenue at 8.30pm last Wednesday.

His 21-year-old sister, Lauren Barry, was so proud of Riley that she arranged for him to visit Ilford fire station, which is where the crews who tackled the fire came from.

Riley, who attends Dersingham Infant School, told the firefighters: “I told my mummy that I could smell fire and then I could see the smoke because I have an excellent nose and excellent eyes.”

‘Biggest smile’

Lauren said: “They took us to look at the fire engine, which is when Riley just squealed. And when asked if he wanted to wear a hat, he nodded so hard his head looked like it was going to come off.”

The firefighters allowed Riley to ride in one of the engines around the block with the sirens on. He returned “with the biggest smile on his face”.

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Lucky Riley even got to spray an old car with a fire hose. He says that he would like to be a fire engine when he grows up.

Lauren thanked the firefighters, adding: “We are extremely grateful that they took time out of their busy day to do this for Riley.

“When we were walking home he said I was the best sister in the world and all he could talk about was using the hose and being in the engine.

“I’m so proud of my little brother and I think he deserves so much more for what he’s done.”