Heavily pregnant Manor Park woman fined for parking in Asda’s mum and toddler bay

Nadeem Mohiuddin with wife Asma, daughter Aiza and parking ticket from Asda

Nadeem Mohiuddin with wife Asma, daughter Aiza and parking ticket from Asda - Credit: Archant

A heavily pregnant woman who was due to give birth in nine days was slapped with a £70 penalty after parking in a mother and toddler bay.

Asma Nadeem had been shopping in Beckton’s Asda with her husband Nadeem Mohiuddin on February 23.

After spending £60 in store the pair, from Fourth Avenue, Manor Park, returned to find a ticket on their car.

It stated “smart parking” had observed them using the bay without a child present.

“I was unaware that a woman who is nine months pregnant could be deemed not to be accompanied by a child,” said husband, Nadeem.

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“Considering it’s a no fee car park, this is crazy. They used a CCTV camera in the parking area to target us.

“This is a moral outrage and an infringement of my wife’s human rights.”

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The determined 35-year-old appealed the decision, but his appeal was refused.

He also complained to Asda’s customer services but claimed they “side-stepped” the issue.

“It’s a big car park so if you got a parking space far away it would be a long way to walk for a heavily pregnant woman,” he said.

“It has always been a moral courtesy and tradition in our nation to make exceptions for expectant mothers.

“On public transport designated seats are provided for the disabled, expectant mothers,and parents with children – there was never a distinction between the three.

“Supermarkets and retail parks are using technicalities to target expectant mothers who are just shopping.

“I strongly believe this is a national disgrace.”

On the day, the couple were on their way back from the maternity unit at Newham general when they popped into the store to stock up on nappies.

Their baby, Aiza, was born two week’s later. Neither of them have been back to Asda since.

“It’s really put me off shopping there now,” said Nadeem.

“I thought Asda encouraged mums and families to shop there but this shows a total lack of compassion.”

An Asda Spokesman said: “We would like to apologise to Mr and Mrs Mohiuddin for any inconvenience caused and we hope to speak to them very soon to resolve this matter.”

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