Coronavirus: West Ham Park closes after visitors fail to follow social distancing guidance

West Ham Park has closed after visitors failed to follow social distancing guidance. Picture: Mauree

West Ham Park has closed after visitors failed to follow social distancing guidance. Picture: Maureen Hankin/ - Credit:

West Ham Park has been closed after visitors failed to follow the government’s coronavirus social distancing guidelines.

In a message on social media the park’s keepers announced gates at the greenspace in Upton Lane, Forest Gate, will remain closed until they are given permission to reopen.

@WestHamParkE7 tweeted at 6.21pm on Friday, April 10: “We have tried hard to keep the park open but today was extremely busy and there were some users sadly not taking government guidance.

“Under instruction from the police who were on site, the park is now closed. We are awaiting further news as to when we will be allowed to reopen.”

A second tweet at 9.38am the following day, stated the park would be closed on Saturday, April 11.

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The City of London Corporation, which has owned the park since 1874 and hails it as the largest in the borough, had urged people on Thursday, April 9, to act responsibly so its green spaces could remain safe.

Newham Council cabinet chief James Asser issued a warning the same day that failing to follow government guidance could lead to stricter limits.

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The guidance is to go out once a day, shop as close to home as possible for necessities, not to gather in groups and to keep two metres apart.

The City of London Corporation and Met Police have been contacted for comment.

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