Webcams mean end to hospital appointments for diabetics in Newham

A system that could mean the end of attending hospital for follow-up appointments for diabetics in Newham has been launched in the borough.

The Diabetics Appointments via Webcam in Newham system, known as DAWN, was launched recently at Newham University Hospital.

It follows research looking at ways of cutting the need for hospital visits while saving money.

The project offers web-based consultations for routine follow-up outpatients’ appointments that do not need physical examination.

DAWN project manager Joanne Morris said: “We hope that this project will demonstrate an easily replicable service that works with a highly diverse population of diabetes patients, providing an innovative solution capable of being adapted for NHS organisations across the country.”

Newham University Hospital NHS Trust is one of 14 trusts offering web-based consultations for routine follow-up appointments.

Health bosses are hoping the project will bring benefits including increased patient satisfaction, a more efficient out-patient process as well as easier access to services and enhancing patient self-management skills.

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A successful pilot project was carried out in February 2010 and demonstrated high patient and staff satisfaction.