Vaccinations can help beat cervical cancer

SCHOOL girls across Newham are being offered life-long protection against the major cause of cervical cancer.

Nurses from Newham Community Health and Care Services are visiting the borough’s schools to deliver HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccinations to girls aged 12-13 in Year 8.

The vaccinations offer vital protection against two strains of HPV that are themselves causes of two of the most common types of cervical cancer. In Britain, around 1.5 million schoolgirls received this important vaccination last year – over nine million worldwide

Rachel Flowers, Newham Director of Public Health said: “This is a relatively simple way to provide long-term protection from cervical cancer. Last year, nine out of every ten girls eligible for the HPV vaccination took advantage of it. It would be great news if every girl in Newham for whom the vaccination is available received it this year.”

If you are a parent of a girl of these ages and have yet to sign the consent form to allow your daughter to receive the vaccination, you are urged do so as soon as possible. Health experts believe you will be offering your daughter protection in later life against this potentially deadly cancer.

Copies of consent forms are available from schools.

The HPV vaccination is delivered in three jabs over the course of six months, ensuring young girls get the right level of protection.

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If your daughter is not at school and you want to have a HPV jab talk to your GP.