Trust to invest �7 million into future of Newham General Hospital emergency department

The future of the emergency department at Newham Hospital was discussed at an event that gave Trust members the chance to quiz staff.

More than 40 members of Newham University Hospital NHS Trust attended a members’ forum at Newham General Hospital for the first in a series of events, set up to offer members a greater understanding of the hospital and its services and an opportunity to play an active part in their local healthcare.

They were taken on a tour of the Emergency Department before hearing a presentation and participating in a question and answer session, led by ED staff. The event gave Trust members a chance to share their views on the department and future plans for the ED development.

Membership and Involvement Manager, Savita Bhudia, said: “We are really excited to have started this programme of events for Trust members and want to thank HSBC for making these forums possible. They have been set up to provide the community with an opportunity to take ownership of their services and play their part in driving forward improvements that enhance the experience for all patients coming to Newham General hospital.”

Andrew Frazer, ED Nurse Consultant, said: “With the Olympics around the corner, this hospital will be an Olympic hospital, if not by name, definitely in practice. With this in mind and a growing and more demanding population, we are planning to invest �7M into developing a new department that is fit for the future.”

Over the next two months the Trust will continue to run the series of forums and plan to focus one on Women’s Services and one on Children’s Services. If you want to sign up as a Trust member or have any suggestions for future topics, contact Savita Bhudia on (0200 7055 5580 or by email on