Milestone 1,000 plasma donations taken at Stratford centre

Plasma donor Albert Mensah

Albert Mensah after giving plasma at the donor centre in Westfield Stratford City. - Credit: NHS Blood and Transplant

A donor centre in Stratford is leading the country in collecting plasma to use in life-saving medicines for people with immune diseases.

The site in Westfield Stratford City was the first of 14 across the UK to mark 1,000 donations after dedicated plasma collections started in April for the first time in more than 20 years.

A restriction on using plasma from UK donors, introduced in 1998 as a precaution against vCJD, was lifted by the government in February following expert advice.

More than 230 more people are booked in to the Stratford centre over the next week.

Donor centre manager Kenoy Tugado said: “Plasma is made into medicines called immunoglobulins, which save lives by boosting or correcting the immune system.

“Thousands of patients in the UK rely on these medicines but there’s an international shortage.”

During donation, blood is circulated through a machine which separates out the plasma and returns the red blood cells to the donor.

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Visit 0300 123 23 23 to find out more and book to donate.