Staying healthy during Ramadan

Health bosses in east London believe Imams can play an important role in promoting health during Ramadan.

NHS North East London and the City are working with local Muslims to ensure that they do not suffer any ill effects while observing the month of fasting which this year takes place from July 21 to August 20 depending on moon sighting.

Muslims who suffer from chronic illnesses, who are pregnant, or who are on medication, may have difficulty observing Ramadan and by fasting they may suffer dehydration, dizziness or other complications.

To address these concerns and promote health, NHS North East London and the City and the Faith in Health project have developed a Ramadan campaign which includes a guide called Keeping Healthy in Ramadan and training for local Imams to give the right information to the wider Muslim community.

The guide gives the following key messages:

� How to observe Ramadan safely and healthily

� Advice on what to do if you feel unwell or dehydrated

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� The importance of fasting safely while on medication

� Advice on traveling safely during Ramadan as it falls within the Olympic period

The guides will be available from most GP practices in east London, Mosques, NHS North East London and the City’s website and Bart’s’ health website as well as Faith in Health website on