St Bartholomew’s Church and Centre, including Doctors’ Surgery on Barking Road, celebrates 30th anniversary

St Bartholomew’s Church and Centre, which includes the Doctors’ Surgery on Barking Road, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this weekend.

It is 30 years since The Queen declared the new building open and the anniversary will be marked with special service and party.

The church is said to have been regarded as futuristic at the time as it combined not only a worship space but also a medical centre, sheltered housing, meeting rooms and offices.

Since 1983 the building has been used by a range of groups from Newham and beyond.

On Saturday the congregation will celebrate the Feast of St Bartholomew and use the opportunity to cut a cake, have a dance and a barbecue, and remember what was happening in 1983 with a special quiz.

Sunday morning the Bishop to HM Forces, The Right Reverend Stephen Venner, will lead a service. which will be attended by other members of the Church of England East Ham team.