Sisters team up to launch ‘pure’ skincare range in Newham

Isah and Tracey Walters

Isah and Tracey Walters - Credit: Archant

Two sisters want to start making people feel beautiful again with their new skin care business.

PureAlity products

PureAlity products - Credit: Archant

The pair, Tracey Walters, 42, from Stratford, and Isah Walters, 34, from Plaistow, have overcome their own skin conditions to start up a natural product line, PureAlity, which is now available.

They sell more than 40 natural products, including oils, butters and bath salts.

“We can’t wait – It’s really nice to be in control and it’s really nice to share knowledge and talk to people about their issues,” Tracey explained.

“The reason why we went on the journey was because my sister suffered with different skin conditions and I have suffered with serositis for many years.

“We used loads of products, but when you turn the label they’re full of things that are harmful to us, so we decided to start a company that provides products that are pure.”

They put endless research into starting up the company, as they wanted to make sure their product line was pure, healthy and for everyone.

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“I’ve got loads of allergies and all the products I was using were having an effect on me,” Isah said.

“The products were drying out my skin, so between us instead of moaning and groaning about it, we decided to research it and find a ray of products and the wonderful benefits of them.

“These products work, they’re natural, they’re pure, they’re what mother nature intended and we don’t utilise these.”

Tracey and Isah are also picking up knowledge through classes being put on at Barking Enterprise Centre and East London Business Centre to help them hit the ground running.

“It isn’t easy to create or start a business in this day and age to be honest,” Tracey said.

“We get mentoring, which is brilliant and I really believe anyone starting a business should get mentoring and coaching, as they’re so many pitfalls and you need someone with experience to give you guidance.”

They’re now aiming to start hosting workshops to educate people on the benefits of natural products.

“The aim is to do pop-up shops and we’re also looking to get our products into salons and some stores,” Isah said.

“We want to grow and we want people to start using as many natural products as possible.”

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