London Marathon: Runner takes on challenge for Canning Town charity

Kevin Benton will be running the London Marathon for AAA. Picture: Kevin Benton

Kevin Benton will be running the London Marathon for AAA. Picture: Kevin Benton - Credit: Kevin Benton

A runner is aiming for a new personal best in the London Marathon later this month while raising money for a Canning Town-based charity

Kevin Benton is raising money for Ambition, Aspire, Achieve (AAA), which works to improve opportunities for young people in the East End.

He chose the charity because it is supported by the Financial Conduct Authority, where Kevin works, who moved into new offices in Stratford last year. But it was his family who inspired him to run.

Kevin said: “Growing up my parents volunteered at a place very similar to AAA.

“We got involved with lots of different families and saw the difference that it made to people.

“I’ve never really had the chance to give anything back and I’ve been quite lucky in my life so it was a chance to go do something good.”

Kevin, 42, added: “I’ve got a 16-month-old child so our life’s been taken up over the last couple of years getting ready for him. But actually having a child makes you a little bit less selfish and I realised the effect you can have on other people.

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“There are a lot of other kids who aren’t as lucky so it’s a simple thing I can do to raise some money, that’s the least I can do.”

Kevin ran in the Brighton Marathon, two years ago, and ran it in five and a half hours.

But now he is training twice as hard and is aiming to complete the run later this month in four and a half hours.

He is also looking forward to the support on the day.

“Everyone’s who done it has said the crowds are amazing”, he said. “They spur you on. Whenever you get any pain, there’s always somebody shouting your name, helping you along.”

The founder of AAA, Kevin Jenkins, who was awarded an OBE for his services to young people in the community, told the Recorder about the importance of the charity’s work.

“Kids build their confidence, build their esteem,” he said. “It empowers them to overcome their problems and find a positive route forward.”

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