Primary care health and wellbeing centre opens in Royal Docks

The main entrance to Pontoon Dock Health Centre at Royal Wharf.

The new Pontoon Dock Health Centre, which opened its doors on Monday, February 22 at Royal Wharf in the Royal Docks. - Credit: Newham CCG

A new primary care health and wellbeing centre has opened in Royal Docks.

Pontoon Dock Health Centre, at Royal Wharf, is home to the former Britannia Village practice and will provide care for its existing patients while set up to cater for the 17,000-plus people expected to move to the area in coming years.

The rebranded E16 Health-Pontoon Dock, run by AT Medics, will be a sister practice to E16 Health-Albert Road.

The facility provides 14 rooms for consulting, treatment and training, a phlebotomy room and a large group therapy room.

This will allow the practice to offer a range of enhanced services, including local authority and specialist services, and also become a training site for a range of clinicians.

A profile shot of AT Medics GP, director and founder Dr Muneeb Choudhry.

AT Medics GP, director and founder Dr Muneeb Choudhry. - Credit: Newham CCG

AT Medics GP, director and founder Dr Muneeb Choudhry said: “Throughout the transition from the Britannia Village practice to Albert Road and now to Pontoon Dock, our focus has been on delivering high-quality patient care.

“This is what every patient deserves, and it is the foundation of our organisational ethos."

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Pontoon Dock is the first of many projects planned by the ground-breaking Health and Care Space Newham joint venture.

The partnership between the council and East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) funds new facilities in the borough that offer GP services alongside community health, mental health, social care or specialist services.

It aims to support the provision of high-quality services by investing in modern, “high spec” facilities that provide much-needed investment while being designed to meet future demand.

ELFT interim chief executive Paul Calaminus said: “The layout and design of the Pontoon Dock primary care and wellbeing centre places an emphasis on collaborative working.

“By bringing primary care, community health and social care services alongside GP services, we are ensuring that all services work together to provide the best care possible.

“The future of healthcare is one where investment into facilities does more than provide a building but actively contributes to healthier communities.

"We are excited about this and future plans to work with our communities to design wellbeing centres that support a brighter, healthier future.”