Pilot schemes help Newham’s new mums

Support is being provided for new parents in Newham (picture: PA)

Support is being provided for new parents in Newham (picture: PA) - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Two pilot schemes have been launched to help new mums access the support and advice they need.

The Bumpstart and Maternity Mates programmes have been set up by Newham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) as part of an overhaul of maternity services.

“Maternity Mates is for mums who need more support,” said Satbinder Sanghera, director of partnerships and governments.

“We’re training up volunteers who will provide one-to-one


“Bumpstart is available to anyone.”

With more than 6,000 babies born to Newham families last year, it is important that as many mums as possible get the right information and care.

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Changes have been made to ensure more parents-to-be attend the required appointments for a scan, a blood test and a medical check.

“At the moment, they’re often on different days,” said Dr Lizi Goodyear, clinical lead for maternity and children.

“A lot of mums just go for the scan and they miss out on the other important things.”

The appointments are now being scheduled on the same day, with a longer time slot allocated.

Rules have been implemented so that mums see no more than three different midwives, allowing for a better relationship and understanding of care to develop.

Additionally, there is a greater focus on making mums aware of the choices they have in where to give birth.

“A lot of people aren’t aware of the community facilities,” said Mr Sanghera.

“We offer home births and Barts Health also runs the Barking birthing centre, which is available to mums in Newham.”

It’s not just the very young that the CCG is looking to help.

Other plans to support children and provide the best service possible includes working with schools and setting up a youth forum.

It has already worked with the borough’s youth councillors, who used the Mayor’s Newham Show to get opinions on mental health services from other young people.

By seeking views from those who use the services, the aim is to provide the best possible healthcare for young people growing up in Newham.