One man talks about his experience of surviving the disease

Darren Moore took immediate action when he found a severe swelling

Darren Moore took immediate action when he found a severe swelling - Credit: Archant

Focus: Men’s cancer: Darren Moore is living proof that early detection of the cancer can save lives.

Darren, 37, noticed that one of his testicles was twice its normal size one Sunday morning in February 2010. Although it didn’t hurt Darren was concerned at the swelling, which occurred overnight, that he went to his GP on Monday morning.

Darren said: “He had a look at it and he booked an ultrasound scan which happened a few days later.”

A week later Darren was seen by an oncologist at Queen’s Hospital in Romford.

Darren, who lives in Rainham, Essex said: “As soon as he examined it, he knew straight away what it was and said “that will have to come out” the next day. “It (the cancerous growth) was in a capsule but if that had broken or burst, it would have hurt and spread. That is what can happen when people leave it.

“When it first happened, I just knew in my heart that it was cancer.”

After the operation Darren has been monitored regularly at St Barts Hospital and has been given a clean bill of health.

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He urged other men who notice a swelling or anything abnormal with their testicles to act quickly. He said: “Don’t be embarrassed, don’t just leave it, go and see your GP straight away or as soon as possible- it can save your life. The earlier you catch it the more of a chance you will have of surviving it.”