Newham police officers save life of two-week old baby in East Ham

Two Newham police officers have saved the life of a two weeks old baby.

PCs Chris Arkley and Stryka Blackwell responded to an emergency call for a two week old baby girl, who was reported to have stopped breathing, just before 7pm last Wednesday.

When the pair attended the house in Holland Road, East Ham, they found the baby unconscious and unable to breathe correctly. It is believed the baby’s tongue had fallen to the back of her throat.

The officers used their specialist training to perform life-saving first aid and clear the baby’s mouth and airway.

The baby was placed along one of the officer’s forearm, to ensure the baby’s head was supported, before the officer used the other palm to tap between the shoulder blades until the airway was clear.

Within seconds, the baby gasped for air and started breathing normally, according to a police spokeswoman.

The London Ambulance Service arrived a short time later and took the baby and her 36-year-old mother to hospital as a precautionary measure. The baby and her family are now back at home and said to be safe and sound.