Newham pilot is tops!

A REMOTE health monitoring system piloted in Newham has won a national award.

The Whole Systems Demonstrator trial has allowed more than 1,500 people to monitor their health from their homes across the borough.

TeleHealth can provide benefits to patients, healthcare providers, and community projects. The award recognises the organisation that demonstrates the most innovative use of information and communication technology (ICT) to deliver health services, expertise and information over distance.

The Newham trial has been running for two years and has been monitoring how assistive technology can help patients manage their long term conditions while maintaining independence in their own homes.

Newham is establishing itself as one of the foremost regions for the use of TeleHealth and TeleCare and regularly hosts visits from other health and social care professionals within the UK or from around the world. News of the trial was recently broadcast on Norwegian TV and has resulted in a lot of interest from the Norwegian Government.

The Health Business Awards in Telehealth are establishing a reputation for showcasing success stories within the health sector. They recognise and celebrate the significant contributions made each year by organisations that work inside and alongside the NHS.

The trial is the result of a collaboration between Newham Council and the Primary Care Trust undertaking a two-year Department of Health funded research project to find out how technology in the home can help people manage their own health while maintaining their independence.

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They were successful in their bid to become one of three sites to take part. TeleHealth is aimed at people with long term health conditions such as diabetes, heart failure and/or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Telehealth allows patients with conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and weight issues to monitor themeselves but provide the information to healthcare officials whereas Telecare is more of an emergency response for people who are elderly or disabled and may need urgent help.