Newham named as one of London’s most inactive boroughs


- Credit: Vickie Flores

Newham, despite having a whole host of Olympic-standard facilities, is one of London’s most inactive boroughs, a study has found.

Almost 60 per cent of residents participate in no sport whatsoever - the fifth worst score in the capital - equating to roughly 150,000 people, a survey of 1,500 Londoners by has found.

Of those Londoners who do no sport, 24 pc blamed tiredness, 18 pc said they had other commitments, 12 pc thought it was too expensive, 8 pc lack motivation and 6 pc have no desire to do sport.

Camden is London’s most active borough, with 37 pc of residents doing no sport.

“The fast-paced nature of London translates to its residents, who are preoccupied with work and social engagements,” said’s managing director, Gary Swift.

“Whilst the Olympics did initially surge sport participation numbers, it seems the nostalgia is now stagnating.”