Newham Hospital in top five for safety

Newham hospital is in the top five for patient safety in the country, according to recent awards.

The hospital in Glen Road, Plaistow, narrowly missed out on being named the number one hospital for patient safety at this year’s CHKS Top Hospital programme 2012. It was shortlisted for the award, placing it in the top five hospitals for patient safety in the UK.

The patient safety award recognises outstanding performance in providing a safe hospital environment for patients and is based on a range of indicators, including rates of hospital-acquired infections and mortality. The CHKS patient safety award is made on the basis of publicly available datasets and every NHS acute trust is included in the analysis.

Mike Gill, Medical Director for Newham University Hospital said: “To be in the top five hospitals in the UK for patient safety is an incredible achievement for any hospital. Obviously we are disappointed to miss out on the top spot, but that does not take away the fantastic effort made by our staff to provide a safe environment for our patients. Everyone at the hospital should be incredibly proud.”

Jason Harries, managing director, CHKS said: “The government has made it clear that every hospital is accountable to its patients, their families and carers as well as the local community to provide a safe environment. Our patient safety award highlights those trusts that clearly share a commitment to driving improvement and engendering a culture of excellence throughout their organisations.”