Newham health trust makes it to green IT shortlist

Staff at Newham University NHS Trust are celebrating after it was nominated for an innovative energy saving project.

The Trust has been selected as a finalist for the Green IT Awards 2011 in the Public Sector Projects category.

The nomination is for the energy saving Nightwatchman project which was implemented last year, to reduce the amount of wasted energy used by computers that were left switched on, when not in use.

The project has made a huge impact and last year the Trust won the Greenest Hospital Award for the significant improvements to energy savings, cost and a reduced level of C02 emissions that have been achieved through this project.

Shaun Jeffrey, for the Trust, said. “We are really excited to have been nominated and shortlisted. We are glad that we can be a forefront example and hopefully a motivation for other big organisations and companies in making a decision to contribute towards a greener and safer planet.

“In just one year, we have saved over �18,500 and have also reduced our carbon emissions by approximately 143,000 metric tonnes. These savings, coupled with a shift in awareness and behaviour amongst our staff were some of the keystone reasons behind the nomination.”

The awards showcase and reward the technology, tools and solutions, along with the organisations and companies, who have made a significant contribution to energy saving. The Trust will find out if it has won the award on May 19.