Newham invites community to explore NHS jobs at local fair

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The fair will take place tomorrow - Credit: PA

GPs from across Newham are hoping to find new talent to recruit at a fair for primary care staff tomorrow.

The drive for new employees is not just for clinical staff or doctors, but also for receptionists, pharmacists, nurses and care coordinators.

Karen Livingstone, Newham Health Collaborative's chief executive, said: “Working in primary care has changed significantly over recent years – our staff teams are mixed with pharmacists, physios and a full range of clinical and support staff."

Attendees of the event include staff from across primary care in the NHS and potential candidates who are looking to join the local NHS teams.

Since a wide variety of jobs are available, the attendees are being offered support with their applications.

Ms Livingstone wants a variety of different people for the jobs, who will be working directly with patients and behind-the-scenes.

Newham Health Collaborative is also looking for new roles within the NHS to be filled, such as physician associates and social prescribers.

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She said: “The roles we have are really diverse, clearly for people who've got an interest in caring professions and have an understanding of the importance of delivering healthcare.

"We do employ people in every part of the system, so good people management is critical. We would really, really, really welcome people from the locality."

Ms Livingstone said the benefit of having people from the local community was they understand the pressures and practicalities of the local area and understand how to interact with the community.

She added the fair will allow people to meet others who are currently working in the sector.

"There's a chance for people to actually drop in their CVS and to leave their details such as contact information," she said. "We also have the chance for people to stay and sit down and talk to people who are currently delivering those jobs”.

Ms Livingstone said her team has helped individuals who haven’t had contact with another person for over a year.

“There's such a sense of purpose. As people who work in primary care, we see the direct impact of the work we do."

The fair will take place on May 13 at Stratford Town Hall, The Broadway, from 10am to 5.30pm.