Newham communities get to focus on health services

Newham residents have for the first time formed part of a panel to help review the borough’s health service commissioning strategy plan for next year.

It is the first time that local residents have been involved at this level with East London and City NHS and local commissioning groups.

The members of Newham LINk (Local Involvement Network) have recently formed a community reference group which examined the basis on which decisions about health services are made, assessing their effectiveness and encouraging transparency.

Three meetings were held in October and November. A de-briefing session followed this month to consider the whole process and how local involvement in decision making can be developed and improved.

A host of queries and questions were raised by the panel and have yet to be answered but members gave their thumbs up for a positive first step in getting local people involved with the future of their health services.

Newham LINk is a network of groups and individuals which encourages people to get involved and have their say in how local Health and Social Care services are planned, commissioned and delivered. The LINk has legal powers to hold services to account and the right to enter and view premises where services are provided such as local hospitals, GP surgeries, health centres and care homes.

To find out more about Newham LINk, contact Mahvash Aslam at (020) 7473 9512 or email: