Newham children will be vaccinated against flu

Children across the borough will be a offered a flu vaccine this winter as part of an immunisation programme.

It will be available to all primary school children who will be vaccinated against flu this winter as part of a programme run by East London NHS Foundation Trust and the Department of Health.

Health experts say it should result in significantly fewer children suffering from the illness, which is highly infectious and can occasionally threaten life. Schools should also see better attendance rates and a lower risk of staff contracting flu themselves.

The vaccine, called Fluenz, is free and will be available to Newham children in the reception to Year Six age groups.

It will be given during school time by an NHS nurse and will not involve an injection. Instead, each child will receive a single dose from a nasal spray.

The vaccine will only be given with parental consent. Schools will be writing to parents and guardians over the coming weeks with more information.

The East London NHS Foundation Trust is urging parents to use this opportunity to vaccinate their children.

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A spokeswoman for the Trust the nasal spray vaccine is safe and effective, it is painless and easy to give and will help prevent the spread of flu to other members of the family.

The Trust also wants other people who are susceptible to the illness to make sure they are vaccinated.