Newham Baby Blog: “I just can’t wait to meet my baby girl now”

Expectant mother Shara Bennett is writing a blog about her pregnancy called Baby Blog.

Expectant mother Shara Bennett is writing a blog about her pregnancy called Baby Blog. - Credit: Archant

Newham’s extraordinary mum-to-be-again returns with her fourth Baby Blog. Shara Bennett, 30, from North Woolwich, is due to give birth on July 27 around the same time as Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Shara is now 35 weeks pregnant and she is eagerly waiting for her baby girl to arrive.

I was quite nervous and apprehensive as I never had to deal with this situation with my other two pregnancies.

I am very pleased that my scan showed that the placenta is no longer low-lying and has moved up which means bubba is all clear for a natural delivery.

It wasn’t the actual caesarean operation that I was worried about; I was more worried about having to relinquish control to the hubby and not being able to drive for at least six weeks.

So as long as everything goes smoothly, I will be able to have a normal delivery just like I did with my other girls.

At 35 weeks I’ve been having a few nesting periods, having another sort through of bubba’s clothes and other paraphernalia, giving the buggy a bit of a spruce, the Moses basket is out and I also have hospital bags down too.

I feel like I am super organised, just waiting for the chaos to commence once baby arrives but I really can’t wait now.

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This feels like the longest period of pregnancy.

Hubby and I have finally decided on the name for our next arrival.

After all of the debating and going back and forth we agreed on a name that we both like and think sounds perfect alongside the names of her sisters.

Bubba’s name is going to be kept under wraps until she arrives.

I have shared so much during this pregnancy and I wanted to keep something a little sacred back just for me, hubby and our girls.

I just can’t wait to meet my baby girl now.

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