London City Airport workers’ fitness ‘Olympic level’

London City Airport

London City Airport - Credit: Archant

Want to get fit while at work? If so, a career at London City Airport could be the way forward.

The Royal Docks airport has surveyed the levels of activity for various roles including airline cabin crew, aircraft marshallers, airport managers and the on-site fire brigade to determine their workers’ ‘Olympic-level’ efforts.

The internal research shows that their baggage handlers on average process more than seven tonnes of luggage each day.

The findings also show airport managers walk more than nine miles each shift, aircraft marshallers walk more than five miles and do the equivalent to 160 bicep curls with batons.

The on-site fire brigade train in extreme heats and wear 10kg of uniform, sometimes training with 12kg of breathing apparatus and 16kg fire hoses.

A London City Airport spokesperson said: “We knew the team worked hard, but even we were surprised to find they are Olympic-level walkers, champion weightlifters, and do enough bicep curls to make any gym-goer sweat.”