London 2012: Women offered morning-after pill by post because of Games’ “disruption”

Women will be able to get the morning-after pill by post during the Games, in case they cannot access normal healthcare services because of the “significant disruption” London will experience.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas), is offering all women in London a free Just in Case kit, which they can get by filling in a form online and then speaking on the phone to a contraceptive nurse.

The group said: “Significant disruption is expected in London during the Games, which means it may be more difficult to access healthcare services swiftly if regular contraception fails.”

Tracey Forsyth, bpas lead contraception nurse, added: “If you carry an umbrella in your bag or a spare tyre in your boot no-one would suggest you are hoping for rain or planning on a puncture.

“Having the morning-after pill to hand is no different. It doesn’t mean you’re planning on taking chances, it means you’re planning on protecting yourself when things don’t go according to plan.”

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