Hospital staff tweet pride at working in Newham

Newham University Hospital

Newham University Hospital - Credit: Archant

Hospital staff have taken to social media to share their pride at the work they do in caring for others.

Staff at Newham University Hospital in Plaistow, which is run by Barts NHS Health Trust, have been sharing their thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #NewhamPride.

Each member of staff took turns completing the phrase “I’m proud to work at Newham Hospital because...” with various responses.

Dr Williams, a junior doctor, said: “Because everyone here is very welcoming.”

And Mags, a nursing assistant wrote: “I love my job with a passion, my manager is lovely and pushes me to my highest potential.”

Alongside the nationally used NHS hashtag #LIAJourney they have added a local twist to a nationwide campaign.

A spokesperson for Barts NHS Health Trust said: “It’s come from staff seeing all these changes going on around the hospital and seeing all the good work that’s going on and celebrating it.”

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The campaign also means that workers on different shifts who normally never meet can share in each other’s achievements.

She said: “They go into their job to do them well, to support, or care for others. It’s reignited that passion.”

She added that it’s not only staff who share their thoughts, but patients too.

“People also tell us about their experience and help us make changes,” she said. “We are doing really well. This encourages staff who work really, really hard.”