Health warning issued ahead of heatwave in Newham

The heat wave is set to last until at least Thursday

The heat wave is set to last until at least Thursday - Credit: EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

Newham Council has asked people to check on their neighbours during this week’s heat wave.

The council warned that babies, young children and the elderly will be most at risk from the heat after the Met Office issued a level two heat wave alert on Monday, and it is expected to last until at least Thursday.

People are being urged to consume cold food and drink, wear loose fitting clothing, avoid extreme physical exertion and to stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm on top of wearing plenty of sunscreen.

Residents have also been asked to check in on their neighbours, especially if they’re isolated, ill, old or very young.

Cllr Clive Furness said: “It is important we all take simple precautions to stay safe during the hot weather as the affects of too much exposure to the sun can have a lasting impact on vital organs.

“It is also a time that we need to be a good neighbour and look out for our older or vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours and ensure they keep cool and safe. If anyone has any health concerns at all they should speak to their GP.”

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