Extra NHS funding could help east London hospitals

Extra cash to avert a winter care crisis at A&E departments of east London hospitals run by Barts Health Trust has been welcomed,

An additional cash injection of £500m has been announced by the Prime Minister.

The money will be made available nationally to hospitals over the next two years to prevent extra pressure on casualty units during the winter months, Although it is not clear which hospitals will receive the cash, or how much, the extra money will be even more welcome at Barts Health NHS Trust which recently called in financial experts to help sort out its budget crisis. It is expected a share of the money, once distributed, will be used at A&E departments at Newham General Hospital, Whipps Cross and The Royal London.

The cash is designed to help A&E departments, struggling with increasing numbers of patients, to cope especially during the winter when demand on emergency services is greatest.

A spokeswoman for the Trust said: “We don’t know any details yet on how much cash we will be getting, but obviously this will definitely help with winter pressures.

“We also need to carry on raising awareness about when it is appropriate to turn up to A&E and when it would make more sense (for patients) to contact their GP or a local walk-in centre.”

Announcing the extra money Prime minister David Cameron said he wanted the NHS to take action now to prepare for the coming winter.

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“The additional funding will go to hospitals where the pressure will be greatest, with a focus on practical measures that relieve pinch points in local services,” he added.