Doctors tell east London women to continue checking breasts

Women are being urged to continue checking their breasts as figures reveal more of them are surviving breast cancer.

Figures from Breast Cancer Care have shown that more than eight of ten, 82 per cent, of sufferers survive breast cancer beyond five years and more than three quarters live for 10 years. Almost two out of three survive beyond 20 years.

Research has shown that high profile campaigns are having an impact on breast health awareness with 31 per cent of women in Tower Hamlets saying that charity breast cancer events influence their own breast awareness routine. In Newham the figure is 26 per cent.

However, research by BMI The London Independent Hospital in Stepney has shown that 46 per cent of women in the capital still don’t check their breasts regularly.

Mr Faisal Mihaimeed, Consultant Breast Surgeon at BMI The London Independent Hospital said: “Breast health is something that can so easily be overlooked but the recent statistics from Breast Cancer Care show that with increased awareness and through high-profile media campaigns we can influence the behaviour of women across the UK,

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“But we must never become complacent and always have to look for new ways to get the message across. That is why, as a doctor, it is vitally important to be involved in high profile events such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month to encourage more women to take control of their breast health. Across the course of their life, every woman in the UK will have a one in eight chance of developing the disease. But, with early diagnosis and intervention you can make the first positive steps to increase your chances of successful treatment. If you suspect or notice a lump or change in your breast it is imperative you visit your GP straight away,”

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Mr Mihaimeed and his team are advising that women should see their GP or a breast specialist if they notice any of the following symptoms during their breast check:

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· Painless lumps in the breast

· Changes in the size or shape of a breast

. Dimpling to the skin of the breast

· Thickened breast tissue

· Nipple inversion

· Lump or thickening behind the nipple

· Rash affecting the nipple

· Blood-stained discharge from the nipple

· Swelling or a lump in the armpit.

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