City Airport support mental health project for Newham businesses

Businesses across Newham are being urged to put mental health on their agenda by attending an open forum dedicated to the issue.

Major employers who will be attending the event include City Airport, Stratford Royal Theatre, as well as local councillor Clive Furness and East London Business Alliance and careers organisation 15 Billion.

It is part of a project called Time to Talk commissioned by NHS East London and the City. It is a partnership project involving NHS Newham, Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham, Barts and The London NHS Trust, East Thames Housing and Just Productions, to get local people talking about their mental health.

Businesses are also being asked to make it easier for people affected by mental illness to get back to work. Placements have already been accepted by ELBA and a number of small and large businesses. Placements are voluntary and have proved to be highly effective, giving people valuable skills, establishing routine and, as part of the recovery process, can make a huge difference to the lives of those who have been affected by mental illness.

Michelle Kabia, Director from Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham said: “As a society we cannot simply ignore this as an issue; in the longer term we will end up paying the price. Remaining in work or getting back to work following mental health is increasingly difficult. The deepening austerity measures are also making it increasingly difficult for service users to find support services.

Fortunately all is not gloom and doom, there are many local services that are doing a lot of fantastic work to provide support to those who are affected by mental health”.

If you as an employer want to support the initiative or attend the Forum contact:

Most Read or call 07507894918