‘Greek goddess’ set for London City Airport arrival

This eye-catching silver sculpture is likely to greet motorists travelling to London City Airport.

Proposals for the 12-metre high statue on Hartmann Road were approved by Newham Council’s strategic development committee in January.

If built, London Athena will be placed on the A1020 roundabout in Silvertown, which links Connaught Road -leading to the airport - to the Connaught Bridge.

“The proposed sculpture is of an aerodynamic female figure, which is intended to be a celebration of the grace and beauty of the human form,” a report to the committee outlined.

“The name Athena also references the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration and civilisation and her role as protector of the city.

“London Athena will face east towards the airport and its approach road with her head looking up at the sky and her arms outstretched about her as if greeting or waving to aircraft in and out of the airport.”

The man behind the proposed artwork, Nasser Azam, is originally from Newham. He also designed The Dance, on the South Bank, and Sepia Blue, situated in Dublin.

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Managers at the London City Airport objected to the concept of the sculpture and expressed a preference for the roundabout to be given over to air-related signage or adverts.

But Newham Council planners believe it will visually improve the area, and are unlikely to grant consent for commercial signage in the area in any case.