Greek classic gets gangland update for Theatre Royal show

Bafta winner Roy Williams is giving Antigone a gangland reworking

Bafta winner Roy Williams is giving Antigone a gangland reworking - Credit: Archant

Award-winning playwright Roy Williams is bringing his take on Antigone to Stratford.

His version places Sophocles’ Greek classic about loyalty, truth and human behaviour in a modern setting.

“I was intrigued to know if it was possible to set Antigone in a world that I have written about before, i.e the gangster culture that is too often the life of a lot of young people today,” explains Roy Williams. “It has always disturbed me to hear young people say that being in a gang makes them feel powerful.”

The play begins with the emergence of Creon as the new ruler of Thebes after a civil war.

“Creon begins the play feeling all-powerful with his gang running ‘tings’ in Thebes. It is almost like he and others like him have put aside other feelings that make us human,” Roy reveals.

Theatre Royal at Stratford East will run the play from February 19 to March 14.

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