Grand effort is a reaction to cash crisis at Manor Park charity EKTA

Community volunteers got their walking boots on to support the first charity fundraising event for elderly charity EKTA.

The organisation, which provides social and health care for older people in the Asian community, is having a funding crisis so founder Ramesh Verma invited supporters to take part in a sponsored walk.

Around 35 people turned up to walk in groups of six from Neville Road Community Centre to Romford Road to raise money for the rent, transport and volunteers’ expenses.

In total, they raised �1,080 which chief executive officer Ramesh, who recently received an OBE, announced was a great success for the struggling charity.

Ramesh said: “Everyone had a great time and we were touched by the support people gave us.

“It will go some way to helping us to run and towards helping elderly people in the community.”

The success of the first EKTA fundraiser has inspired Ramesh to organise more in the future, as the chairty’s financial woes are far from over.

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She added: “The staff have been made redundant and if the charity cannot carry on these older people will go back to square one and end up in hospitals.

“EKTA keeps them healthy by providing them with health activities and giving them confidence to live an active life.”

Ramesh also extended a special thank you to the Neville Road Community Centre who provided breakfast and lunch for the walkers, to Ramgrhia Committee members, and to Mr Jandhu for their support.