GP practice website for Newham residents

Patients across Newham can now join other Londoners accessing information about their GP practice through a website called Myhealthlondon:

Each GP practice has its own webpage on Myhealthlondon. Through this they can keep their patients up-to-date with the latest information about clinic times and services that they offer. Patients can have their say by giving their thoughts and suggestions. Patient groups can also get involved by providing information about support groups and services.

The website also gives the latest figures on issues like the number of people who have been supported to stop smoking or vaccinated against flu, and how patients feel about their GP practice. These are just three of twenty two standards that have been developed and agreed by GPs for GP practices in London.

Alwen Williams, Chief Executive at NHS East London and the City, said: “By making information available in an easy to access way we hope that local people will be able to get information that is both important and relevant to them. This means that they will be able to tell their GP practice their satisfaction with the services they offer and how they might be improved.”

Myhealthlondon aims to involve patients and GPs in driving continual improvements in care. The main website page will contain features and videos created by patient groups and GPs, which can be used as an education resource. Patients will be able to feedback in a number of ways which includes taking part in discussion groups and surveys, as well as being able to comment on services offered.

In some cases local patient groups can be given special editing permissions by GP practices to post information on their pages so they can help in keeping this data up to date and relevant for the needs of the community.

Marie Gabriel, Chair NHS East London and the City, said: “Myhealthlondon puts patients at the centre of their health care by giving them access to local information and the opportunity to get involved with their GP practice through things like patient groups and surveys.”