Glass reveals wave-like design of Aquatics Centre at Olympic Park

Glass being installed on the Aquatics Centre

Glass being installed on the Aquatics Centre - Credit: submitted

The wave-like shape of the Aquatics Centre inside the Queen Elizabeth Park can be clearly seen after the first panes of glass were installed this week.

The temporary seating stands, which held 15,000 seats for Games-time, have been removed revealing its striking design by architect Zaha Hadid.

The first of 628 panes of glass have been installed and the Centre which will open to the public from spring of next year.

The Park’s chief executive Dennis Hone said: “It will take 70 days to install the 628 panes of glass that make up the external walls of this fantastic building. Each pane weighs 200kg and it takes a team of six people to install a single pane.

“We expect the team to get through 10 panes a day and finish the outside of the Aquatics Centre in late September. Once complete the Aquatics Centre will be a public swimming pool as well as an elite training facility and competition venue.”

The glass will be cleaned by window cleaners, using cherry pickers to reach the high bits.

The steel framework will have hot water running through it - which will act like a giant radiator to prevent condensation forming on the glass.

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When the Aquatics Centre opens it will have a cafe and crèche, a dry dive training area and a full programme of aquatics activities.