Giant insect invasion

A GIANT insect invasion has been reported by amazed children and staff at a Manor Park school.

The incredible discoveries of monster beetle remains were made at Avenue Primary School in Meanley Road.

Site supervisor Tony Harman bravely volunteered to investigate the mystery sighting after a giant cockroach was spotted dangling from the roof of one of the school’s buildings.

Tony said: “I was nervous when I went up the ladder to see what it was.

“I had to fight off the other ones on the roof.”

When Tony was not seen again after pursuing what he thought was another bug, staff feared the worst but they were relieved when he was spotted safe and well at the end of the day.

Further scary evidence of giant creepy crawlies were found elsewhere, including beetle legs, an enormous wing and insect slime and poo.

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‘Expert scientist’ Dan Robinson was on hand to give his explanation of the strange phenomena.

Dan said that he believed that the monster insects had been attracted to the school’s garden and had probably become so big because of an increase in oxygen in the atmosphere.

Most of the lifelike beetle remains were created by senior teacher Rachel McFetridge and Sue Phillips, art co-ordinator, as part of a creative writing project designed to fire the children’s imagination.

In order to avoid nightmares, Rachel made sure that everyone knew that the creatures were not real.