GCSE results: Forest Gate Community School celebrating record grades

Forest Gate Community School pupils celebrate their GCSE results (Picture: Nick Edwards)

Forest Gate Community School pupils celebrate their GCSE results (Picture: Nick Edwards) - Credit: Nick Edwards

Pupils at Forest Gate Community School are celebrating the school’s best ever results in English and maths.

Moosa Ali (Picture:Nick Edwards)

Moosa Ali (Picture:Nick Edwards) - Credit: Nick Edwards

Seventy six per cent of pupils achieved a grade 4 or higher - equivalent to A*-C - in the two subjects, while 92pc did so in the English literature exam.

A tenth of pupils achieved at least nine A or A* grades or equivalent, with just under half getting three or more at that level.

Among the star performers was Ridwaanah Khanom, who was apprehensive about the new marking system.

She said: “We were all a bit scared about the results because we had heard so much about the new gradings and that people might not know how to mark things properly because of the new system, but it all seems ok, and people seem to be really happy with their results.”

Of her five A*s and six As, she added: “I’m ecstatic with mine.”

Eighteen months ago, Arzu Alam joined the school after moving from Italy and spoke only basic English.

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Since then, he has worked “really hard” and achieved four A*s and seven As in his exams.

He said: “I’ve had a lot of help from teachers. I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved in the past 18 months.

“From coming here with only very basic ‘tourist’ English to get what I have is amazing. I’m very happy.”

Moosa Ali, who got nine A stars and two A’s, said there had been a “collective effort” among the year group to do well.

He said: “We have been doing extra revision after school as a group. It’s been a real collective effort amongst us and it’s all paid off. I’m so happy for

Headteacher Simon Elliott said: “The school have once again exceeded expectations. Last year our results were strong enough to see us ranked 14th best school in the country, this year we have done even better.

“Whether that will see us break into the top 10 of schools nationally remains to be seen but what we can say with certainty is that our pupils have been set on a path that will give them the best possible chance to succeeded.

“The school demands only the highest standards from its staff and students. We have created a culture at this school where achievement and success is expected.

“Our pupils may not enjoy the privilege of those at grammar or independent schools but these results show they receive a comparable standard of education.”