‘Fugitives’ to break out from jail to help Beckton hospice

Teams of ‘fugitives’ will be breaking out of ‘jail’ today and hoping to get as far as they can from east London-all for a good cause.

The ‘jail’ will be the Tower of London and Richard House Children’s Hospice, supported by the Newham Recorder, is hoping the ‘fugitives’ will raise lots of cash sign as they flee jail and see how far they can get without spending any money in its first jailbreak event.

Teams of seven will be released from the Tower of London today and will have 24 hours to charm their way on to buses, trains and planes to travel as far as possible in aid of the Beckton-based hospice.

Ben Alonso, Richard House’s community fundraiser, said: “I can’t think of a better way to spend your bank holiday weekend. A great adventure, a good way to help a worthy local cause and at the end you could extend the break and have a nice holiday.”

Three prizes will be awarded to the teams that travel the greatest overall distance, cover most ground by public transport or trek the furthest on foot.

To add to the intrigue, the teams were allowed to plan their route in advance by approaching organisations that can help with travel arrangements.

All help has to be freely given and the only money that can be spent during the challenge is a small food allowance. Ben said: “For those who aren’t sure how far they could get, I have got into Europe before and in previous years I know people who have even reached the USA!”